Galatians 5:22, 23

Expresses the essential nature of God. Always UNCONDITIONAL ~ always involves making a choice. Love can only be known or seen from the action it shows to others! 

JOY ~ [to rejoice, exultation, gladness of heart]

Comes from what is known from the Word of God, and what is known about His promises to His children. Joy is the Believers weapon of Strength producing such a deep inner gladness that no trial, test or temptation will shake them. God can be praised thru anything!

PEACE ~ [Hebrew: shalom – wholeness, full, finished, made perfect]

A conscious resting in the will and word of God. Denotes the end or absence of strife. Peace describes the sense of rest and contentment.

PATIENCE/LONGSUFFERING ~ [endurance, diligence]

Does not mean ‘putting up with’ ~ it means to be consistently and constantly the same

~ not turning from the Lord despite any adverse circumstance. Contains the quality of self-restraint in the face of provocation – no retaliation!

Keep doing what God has told you to do until He gives you new instructions! 

KINDNESS /GOODNESS~ [chrestotes - mercy, clemency, usefulness]

Shows action - a kindly activity on behalf of others. It conveys the thought of knowing another’s need and helping to fulfill it. The character of a born-again believer enabling the heart of God to flow thru the Believer into the life of another.

GENTLENESS ~[chrestotes]

An attitude of the heart. It is an ‘inner disposition’ that people can observe/see by the way one lives and treats others


An action or a result of a firm conviction of God’s truth

MEEKNESS ~ humility

The Believers inner expression acknowledging that God is in charge of our lives. Meekness is not weakness; it is the strength to exercise self-control while suffering injustice.

SELF-CONTROL ~ temperance

Comes from a word meaning ‘strength’. Means to have power over oneself! Believers are to bring their spirit, soul, and body under the control of the Holy Spirit.